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Beginners improv (full)

Learn the basic skills of improv theatre: playfulness, listening, yes-and, make your partner look good, enjoy failing, creative thinking. 13 lessons (including showcase)  from 19th of September 19:00-21:00 at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. tickets €290 

Beginners improv

Beginners course: we will start with the fundamentals of improv: playfulness, listening, yes-and, make your partner look gooed, enjoy failing, creative thinking. Depending on the level we add toolbox elements: singing, platform, status, relationships.

No experience needed. This course has 12 lessons and a graduation show. Starting from from Wednesday 20th of September until 13 December, 18:45 -20:30 at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. tickets €265

Relationships & Stories

Let´s give our scenes a deeper meaning by exploring the relationships between the characters. We’ll play some truthful scenes and focus on scenes with a storyline. And of course we’ll play new and old improv games. Entrance level: at least 1 course You get 12 lessons and a graduation show from 20th of September until 13th of December, 20:35-22:20 at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. tickets €265

longform 2

Longform (full)

A long-form is a continuous improvised piece which is inspired from a suggestion at the start. In the format “Armando” a storyteller will tell a short monologue that will be the inspiration for the following scenes. 8 lessons Tuesday 5 Sept - Tue 24 Oct + show on 27 Oct. 20:30-22:30 at ZIMIHC Wittevrouwen. Tickets €240 Entrance level: intermediate Plus. Limited to 8-9 students. Please use the application form to read about the Long form format and desired improv level.

Stand-up comedy course

Learn the basics and find the comedian inside you. 8 lessons Wednesdays 6 Sept-25 Ocht 18:30-20:30 plus a show on 27 Oct.

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Why is improvisation a 21st century skill?

  •  Be ready to change
  •  Yes And: think is possibilities
  •  Improve your Listening & Communication skills
  •  Be a team player: make your partner look good
  •  Feel conficent in speaking in front of an audience
  • Use failure to your advantage
  • Have fun while learning!
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